Abortion Options

What are my abortion options if I am considering terminating my pregnancy?

Abortion Options surgical . It is an abortion method to terminate a pregnancy through uterine vacuum aspiration .

  • The method of short stay in our facilities.
  • You will go to a query to be evaluated.
  • The stay varies between two and three hours, since the consultation until the patient’s return.
  • The uterine vacuum aspiration is an ambulatory procedure of short stay in.
  • It works applying local anesthesia on the cervix or by sedation.
  • An ambulatory abortion procedure, which doesn’t require for her to stay hospitalized and gives the option to be discharged on the same day and to continue with basic care and home treatment.
  • It is very important to have some care after abortion.

All our treatments include:

Gynecological evaluation, gynecological ultrasound ,pregnancy test , medication method (medications) , Surgical abortion (use of operating room, anesthesia, medical fees and medications in clinic).

Abortion options with medication : It’s well known as pharmacological abortion or abortion pill, it is an abortion method done through pills.

Abortion pills is very safe and efficient when it’s used a method or certified treatment as it is Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

In combination it has a 98.5 % of efficacy on the first 9 weeks of pregnancy and a 97 % between 9 and 13 weeks of pregnancy.

The use of these medications does not affect the capacity of another future pregnancy.

It’s important that your physician evaluate the success of the treatment, because it has a possibility of failure.

Do you need more information about your abortion options ?

Check up your body and keep yourself alert of any change, or any inconvenience sign, consult our gynecologists in Medica Center FEM.

“A better future is a future with prevention.”

It has been proved that clinical methods for Abortion Options are safe and effective.


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