Who we are?

Medica Center Fem is a private medical unit with more of 11 years of experience with some specialties for the welfare of woman and reproductive health:

Gynecology : Medica Center Fem provide health services and gynecology on each of its stages, of woman development, gave appropriate information for the care of woman health. Our services are: ITS detection, pelvic revisions, diagnostic/cancer detection, pregnancy diagnostic and detection.

Sexual and Reproductive Health: Reproductive and sexual health, benefits the correct development for a safe sexual life, without risks, free and the right information that allows to decide on your body and sexuality.

Legal Abortion since 2007, Medica Center Fem offers information, advice and services of the Legal interruption of pregnancy program of the México City.

Offering ILE services, (Legal Abortion before 12 weeks) in a free, safe and informed way.

Biology of reproduction: (Menopause, Assisted Reproduction) Subspecialty of gynecology. Responsible for preventing, diagnostic and treating prenatal care patients, infertility, climacteric and menopause.

Our vision is to be leader in family planning methods nationwide, provide access to services for sexual and reproductive health of users.

Why choose Medica Center Fem?

Medica Center Fem was founded in 2007 with the objective of providing access to women Sexual and Reproductive Health procedure in Mexico and Latin America.

MCF is a Mexican company with more than 10 years of experience in Sexual and Reproductive Health procedure 100% EAT that we want to decide with it:

  • • Experience: we have more than 10 years of experience in legal and safe abortion. We have highly specialized doctors who are not only at the forefront of technology; they are leaders in research in the field of contraception and eligibility decisions.
  • • Authority: we are leaders in quality medical care, our clinic is duly accredited with certifications of NAF (National Abortion Federation), ESAR Foundation and the Ministry of Health. Our protocols provide confidence and safe access to gynecological care, during pregnancy, advice on contraceptive methods, and legal interruption of pregnancy an assisted reproduction.
  • • Confidence: At Medica Center Fem you can feel at home, all our staff is fully trained, we have a multidisciplinary team that allows us to develop a service protocol that provides access, quality and confidence to users.

Why choose MCF? We are sure that we can offer you a medical attention EAT: Authority, confidence and experience, you have questions call us at 57500233.

Medical Group

Ph. Mauricio Rangel Sanchez

Medical Specialist in Gynecology with subspecialty in Biology of Reproduction, private and institutional clinical experience.

Specialist in preparation and supervision of protocols and guidelines for good medical practices.

Recognized researcher in the field of Contraception and Assisted Reproduction

Vocational Training
  • La Salle Mexico University
  • • Medical surgeon 1999-2005
  • Coahuila Autonomous University
  • • Obstetrics Gynecology 2008-2012
  • National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)
  • • Biology of human Reproduction 2015-2017
Ph. Alberto Aguirre Contreras

Medical Specialist in Gynecology with more than 10 years of experience performing ILE in Medica Center Fem.

Medical specialist in pregnancy control, ILE, contraceptives, diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases.

Vocational Training
  • Queretaro Autonomous University 1999
  • • General Physician 3005834
  • Autonomous University of State of Mexico 2004
  • • Specialty in Obstetrics Gynecology 4255236

We also have counselors and psychologists specialized in counseling in Legal Interruption of Pregnancy.

Where we are? How can I get to Medica Center Fem?

Follow our league and arrive at our facilities according to your means of transport, you can reach Metro (Potrero station, Villa station, Valle Gomez station and Talisman station)

Metrobus (Marth 18th station and Euskaro station)


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