Abortion pills


Abortion pills is a method widely used by women who want to safely end their pregnancy

Suspension of pregnancy with medication can be done between week i and before to 9 weeks gestation, must be administered under medical supervision.

The failure rate of abortion pills is between 3% women. So women who have an incomplete abortion should go to their clinic abortion to perform a cleaning uterine cavity by aspiration.

Currently in the world has only use a protocole of abortion options with pills or tablets for a safety abortion before 9 weeks of pregnancy, after taking the medication, your body will expel and present bleeding, which should be in a period of 1 to 15 days, during which the patient must be alert to any emergency symptoms to contact their physician specialist in medical abortion.

Abortion pill may have some symptoms in most women they have regular bleeding or heavy for several hours. Your medical provider may prescribe pain medication because it can also be presented abdominal pain and possible nausea, medical abortion risks include bleeding. Infection. Pain and vomiting.

Warning signs for the medical abortion or abortion pills are:

  • Heavy Bleeding, more than 2 sanitary pads per hour
  • Fever and severe pain
  • Bleeding accompanied with bad secretrion smell and intermittent bleeding

Abortion Pill are an excellent choice when a woman does not want to continue with her pregnancy, however the possibility of having an incomplete abortion or bleeding too abundant is always possible, so you must have medical follow-up and contact available 24 hours to clarify doubts and discomforts that could present.

How I can know that abortion pills have been effective ?

You must return to your doctor for 10 to 15 days after the start medical abortion in that assessment the doctor will perform ultrasound and pregnancy urine test, in addition to clinical assessment that would establish some incomplete abortion or complication following the method , so to sign out patient process and start a contraceptive method to avoid a new unplanned pregnancy.

Abortion pills or performed an abortion with pills is it dangerous?

Pills for abortion, abortion pills or abortion by medication before 9 weeks of gestation, are unlikely to take some risks if medical abortion contraindications are well known. Investigations so far have been done say there are very few medical complications related to abortions. There are few cases where surgery as it is in the aspirate, and this can be done in the same medical facility where the woman is treated for spontaneous abortion is needed.


Abortion pills. some myths around it

Can a patient have a new pregnancy after having a medical abortion?

Abortion pills do not cause infertility or any inability to get pregnant, you may be fertile at any time after the abortion. This means you can get pregnant right away even if you have a slight bleeding. If you never want to be pregnant it is important that you apply contraception immediately. Remember that it is advisable to wait at least 12 months between pregnancies to have a better and healthy gestation period. Find out more about post-abortion pregnancy.

It is essential to know if your have any placed IUD or intrauterine device, is essential to remove in before starting treatment pills for abortion, because this determines a high risk to women if not removed. check more for Birth Control https://en.medicacenterfem.com/blog/birth-control/

Not every woman is a candidate for a process of medical abortion, always get the attention and support of a clinical specialist of abortion.

Medical Center FEM also have services Abortion . Avoid the risk of perform an abortion by your self with out medical support, go to health services that offer insurance protocols abortive pills or tablets for abortion.

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Abortion pills

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