Birth control

There are birth control options Mechanical-Oral-Barrier. To the correct contraceptive application of use its vital a physician’s assessment.

What are the contraceptive methods?

The contraceptive methods are those that avoid or decrease the chances of a fecundation on fertile women that sustain sexual intercourse. There are many Birth control that the women can use. The refore, it is necessary to speak to a physician to help to define the best contraceptive method for you. The methods are very varied, and some, in addition to avoiding the pregnancy, protect against STDs. The election of one or another depends on several factors as:

  • Age
  • Personal beliefs
  • Individual preferences
  • Frequency of the sexual intercourse
  • Number of sexual couples
  • Time for the contraceptive use

Since when we can say the birth control options ?

Contraceptive since the Egyptians time have been used with the objective of avoiding a pregnancy, for example crocodile disposal with honey, we don’t have precision about the effectiveness of this method, but definitely sounds clever, however, if this seems a curious fact, even in the present there are pregnancy prevention alternatives as the so called, COLA-CONDOM.

This is not a birth control as it consists on doing a vaginal douches in case a preservative has broken, and to wash as soon as possible with pressure inside the vagina, avoiding that any quantity of seminal fluid gets near the cervix (without having an exact statistic, we know that this practice is very well known among the women that works in sexual service).

.Currently many women consider the vaginal douches effective as contraceptive, however this is a lie, as they do not avoid an undesired pregnancy or the stds contagion, therefore their use has no benefit, so if you are taking care of your Reproductive Health or Sexual Health inform yourself and get to know more about the Contraceptive Methods.

Which are the different kinds of contraceptives or birth control options?

We can categorize the methods accordingly to the function they make, the contraceptive can go from a short duration time to a definitive duration, not all avoid STDs, so we recommend to always uses condom.

1 ) Hormonal contraceptive : They consist on the employment of chemical substances that destroy sperm. Here we can find spermicides , foams, creams and jellies. We also can find on this category those medications that inhibit the ovulation and the endometrial thickening as the birth control pills, birth control inyections and control patch.

2) Barrier Methods : They avoid the entrance of the sperm to the uterus. In this we find the condoms, diaphragm , cervical cap and the sponge birth control. The only and best contraceptive method that avoids the STDs transmission is the condom, therefore it is the most recommended of the methods.

3) Natural contraceptive methods: They are based on the fertility knowledge with basis on the observation of symptoms associated to the physiological processes that generates the ovulation, and in the menstrual cycle adaptation in function of a conception or not, if desired, pull out method and Sexual Abstinence.

These methods can fail a lot, in addition, they do not avoid STDs.

4) Permanent methods,  bilateral tubal occlusion or vasectomy : they are the best technique if there are no desire of having more children. It is a contraceptive and safe method that almost has no side effects as there is no hormone or substance consume, there are two types of procedures, one for the woman that is the tubal ligation and the other for the man that is the vasectomy.

When should I suspend the use of the birth control or contraceptive method?

As we have mentioned before, we do not have the same needs. There are persons, without regarding the sex of the individual, that allergic reactions have place. If you present one or more of the next symptoms when using your contraceptive method suspend its usage (the reaction can have a retarded or immediate effect):

  • • Rash
  • • Asthma
  • • Rhinitis
  • • Respiratory tract contractions
  • • Reactions similar to a bee’s sting
  • • Dermatitis
  • • Eczema
  • • Stinging
  • • Hormonal changes
  • • Erythema
  • • Irritation

Remember it is highly advisable to attend to a medical or gynecologist assessment before choosing your contraceptive method by your own and to expose to an allergy and/or hormonal disorder.

With what is related the contraceptive`s efficiency?

Doubtless you have heard that most of the methods can be efficient from 95 to 99 %, however, in fact, the statistics mark something different, and it is a fact that there are factors that contribute to improve the efficiency of the contraceptive. Some of the points to be taken on count if you want your method to be very effective are:

  • Birth control options lasting; it is a demonstrated fact that the definitive contraceptives and the long lasting ones are the most effective, as there are very few chances to forget to take the method, there are no changes on the dosage and it is constant, so we can say that the tubal ligation, vasectomy, subdermal implant and Mirena IUD or copper “T” IUD.
  • It is very advisable to use preservative or condom as a combined contraceptive Mirena+Condom, Pills+Condom, or Patches+Condom, etc. This kind of alliance is considered the perfect couple. You avoid an STD and an undesired pregnancy.
  • The contraceptive methods should protect you not only from an undesired pregnancy, so forget to believe that the interrupted coitus.
  • The calendar or the rhythm can diminish the risk of STDs and unplanned pregnancy.
  • Take care of yourself and your partner.
Consulta en Médica Center Fem

For the proper application of Contraceptive use is vital the Consultation with your Doctor.

What are the contraceptive methods?

Defining the methods to avoid a pregnancy is a little more complex that just talking about birth control pills, because actually there are various actions like rigid, flexible or surgical articles that fulfill the purpose of blocking or inhibiting the pregnancy process and as all this approximations have as purpose to regulate the pregnancies as the demographic boom, they also receive the name of “Family planning methods”. Below we explain the contraceptive methods in the most general possible way.

  • Sexual Abstinence
  • Contraceptive pills
  • Preservative or condom
  • Contraceptive sponge
  • Morning after pills
  • Contraceptive injections
  • Female condom
  • Diaphragm
  • Contraceptive vaginal ring
  • Birth Control Patch
  • IUD Intrauterine device
  • Interrupted coitus
  • Vasectomy
  • Tubal ligation
  • Spermicide
  • Cervical cap
  • Levonorgestrel
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