In Medica Center Fem looking be in fore front of treatment and safe medical protocols, which allow us to provide a quality medical service.

Since 2011, medical specialists must have a certification to practice their specialty in Mexican Republic.

For performance of specialty  surgical abortion doctors counts with certifications granted by Health Institutions.

The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks ensures the institutions and associations that are in charge of training issue the certifications.

We are a medical group committed to the quality of our services and we believe in a continuous preparation to have excellent results:

Education for Reproductive Health Foundation (ESAR)


ESAR Foundation seeks to train and provide safe and legal medical care protocols helping an accompany Latin American women in their decisions regarding their Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Theoretical training practiced in: sexual and reproductive health programs, which include contraception, application and removal of IUD, cervical-vaginal cytology, treatment of incomplete abortion and Legal Interruption of Pregnancy.

Certificación ESAR
Certificación ESAR

* National Abortion Federation (NAF)

Authorized Institution by Professional nursing of California to provide continuing education. Phone 15489

National Abortion Federation is an institution that provides safe abortion services. Promotion respect for reproductive and sexual rights of users. Basing his practice on 3 mainstays: Security, providing quality standard in medical abortion care by providing publication training and professional support in places here there is not enough health professionals to provide the service.

• Legal: providing medical reports and publication that support legalization (legal abortion), protecting users in the legal framework for justice and protection of human rights.

• Accessible: reproductive health is an indispensable human right, looking for make these services accessible in the social and economic areas for all women. In medical area, provide knowledge and practices to health providers (doctors, nurses, and assistants).

Curso titulado “Congreso de la NAF-Atención del Aborto-Experiencias del Continente Americano”.

Certificación NAF
Certificación NAF

National Cervical Cancer Foundation A.C.

Offices facilities during March-October 2012 promote Prevention and timely detection of Cervical Cancer Uterus A.C. and Human Papilloma Virus.

Reconocimeinto Fundación Nacional para el Cáncer Cervicouterino
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